May 6, 2019


SAMI is proudly launching its pharmacovigilance program

SAMI pharmacovigilance program, is your partner for safer use of medicines.

At SAMI, We are steadfast to improve patient care and safety by embracing Good Pharmacovigilance Practices. We at SAMI Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd., strongly believe that timely reporting of all safety information linked to our medicinal products plays a vital role in safer use of our medicines. Program of SAMI will assist, via continuous monitoring of drug’s safety, in building trust on overall safety & efficacy of our products and ultimately encourage safer medicinal use of our quality products, benefiting Public Health

Be our partner by playing your role in this critical process!

Your valuable inputs would enable us to ensure our patients wellbeing

We firmly believe,

“Reporting Makes Medicines Safer!”

Please learn more using Drug Safety at SAMI for making effective reporting of adverse event/s. To report suspected adverse event/s related to any SAMI’s product, you can Contact Us on below details provided for reporting of suspected adverse event/s.